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raspida.com is a privately owned website that introduces you to the topics of Raspberry Pi.

We will mainly introduce the settings and know-how of Raspberry Pi. In addition, we will cover fun systems created by overseas users, very useful systems, cool systems, news of interest, and more.

I'll post a lot of articles for those who don't know Raspberry Pi yet or who haven't touched it yet.

In particular,

"But I'm not a science student …"
"I'm just using a computer for work, but I'm interested in the Raspberry Pi …"
"Windows cannot be used correctly. I don't know Linux …"
"I can't do it anyway …"
In this way, we will try to make it easier to read even for those who are interested but have given up.

We aim to create beginner-friendly articles and satisfy those who are looking for a way to do it.

Chromebook has also been added

Chromebook has also been added.

The 2020 COVID-19 epidemic delayed elementary school programming learning in Japan, but in March 2021 an individual system was finally established.

The Raspberry Pi was used in some model schools that were piloted. However, when I opened the lid, most schools adopted Chromebooks.

Raspida has also decided to provide information about Chromebooks.

I will convey it in an easy-to-understand manner like a Raspberry pi.

Origin of the name


Is this system running on a Raspberry Pi?

Is this also?

This is also "Raspberry Pi!"

Raspberry Pi is nicknamed "RAZUPAI" in Japanese.

"This is also a "RAZUPAI DA" , The meaning is "This is a raspberry pi."

So "raspida" in Japanese.

I named it because it has a good pun and the sound of the words is good.

The character is an image of "Hero squadron Raspida".


There are many opportunities to enter commands into the terminal, such as setting up the Raspberry Pi or running software.

Please use the copy button provided for each code on the site so that you can easily copy and paste.

It is displayed when you hover the mouse cursor over the place where the code is written.

Copy the code in that box, not part, to the clipboard.


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